SOMAX Technology is proud to work together with its technology partners to create an expansive network of best-in-class products that link together seamlessly.Rather than purchasing a single proprietary solution, you can integrate to create a security platform that exceeds your security needs.
MicroStream Image Quality Technology
High Definition

Different objects will reflect different colors in a different light situation, every pixel on the "Micro-Stream" series cameras is equivalent to a photographic lens, which can absorb a different RGB color on each layer, the Micro-Stream cameras will show you a more real bright scene.


The express setup page allows the user to set the most important parameters of DVR, such as time, network, recording parameters, etc. Even if the customers is not familiar with the DVR, he can operate the DVR easily and quickly.

Quick Operation and Setup

IP VS Analog Surveillance 
The most obvious benefit of video surveillance is improved security. Whether you’re using security cameras to protect your home, business, or a large-scale campus environment, high-quality surveillance footage is an invaluable asset.

Pros of Analog Surveillance

Cons of Analog Surveillance

Pros of IP Surveillance

Cons of IP Surveillance